Foundation Sponge

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Introducing the Foundation Sponge from iBrow London, your secret weapon for achieving an impeccably blended, flawless complexion every day. This unique beauty tool is designed with the highest-quality materials to give you an evenly distributed makeup application, a must-have for your beauty routine.


Our Foundation Sponge is expertly crafted with a super-soft, hypoallergenic material that’s gentle on the skin. Its non-latex, eco-friendly design is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin or latex allergies. The versatile shape features a rounded bottom for broad areas like your cheeks and forehead, and a pointed tip for precision application around the eyes and nose.


Unlike traditional makeup brushes, our sponge doesn’t absorb your precious foundation, ensuring no product goes to waste. Wet it for a dewy glow, or use it dry for full, matte coverage. It’s perfect for all types of foundations, from liquid to cream to powder.


With iBrow London’s Foundation Sponge, enjoy a seamless blend and the ideal balance between coverage and natural finish. It’s time to elevate your makeup application experience. The Foundation Sponge is not just a tool; it’s an investment in your beauty.


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